Bitcoin Purchasers Get Ready For $51k as Crypto Investors Keep Buying

Bitcoin Purchasers Get Ready For $51k as Crypto Investors Keep Buying

What that suggests, if we reach those target levels and what we can do in case, the market doesn’t make it there. I understand it sounds like doom and gloom, but as an investor, i’m always trying to be prepared for all sides of the market, the ups, the downs and the sideways.

The only method you can reveal your appreciation for this video totally free is striking that, like button and subscribing to the channel, you can of course comment your thoughts on the market down below and share the video with a pal, and if you desire to go that additional Mile we likewise have our patreon group down below 16 off annual subscriptions and, if you sign up now, you’ll get april for free. We can see in general, the market has been fairly neutral, however i’m beginning to see more impacts, especially on twitter.

Discuss bitcoin hitting this next resistance level around that 51, 000 and i’ve discovered in the past. Obviously, the masses are going to be right at a period of time as the marketplaces all increase everyone’s going to be right, however then, when it gets to particular peaks, not saying that we exist yet not trying to put any sort of downer into the start, but i’m simply wary at those times when everyone begins to believe and talk about the very same thing truthfully, i do not think we exist yet, but it simply sticks in the back of my mind, and i do not have any more getting times or purchase chances at the moment, based specifically on this plan, which i put out in may of 2021. That was when the first purchase of bitcoin came in, so we cover this. Quite often, routine viewers of the channel will learn about this, and, of course, patreon members also get a link to this, so they can use it on their own. We’Ve been acquiring at each time the marketplace is 15 or less on the fear and greed.

Good and simple got to come up with some exit strategies and, of course, the return at the moment, nearly 33, which is about 6 000. Offered we hold up here at least, we’ve got the small time frames.

Hopefully, by the time i put this video up, which is, you know, be quite quickly, ideally, by that stage the market just begins to push out for the bulls that is total, there’s a lot of assistance and resistance for both sides of the market. Clearly, the target here is 51 000 and the top end is about 52, where these triple tops came in back in december and late december recently, i noticed a couple of remarks from viewers and tweets of investors simply getting a little frustrated with how long it’s taking bitcoin To get a relocation on getting a little bit worried, if we do not start moving, we’re going to fall back down now, that may be true, but the main thing i look for is: if the swing bottoms get taken out, it’s okay to be at these levels and Take time time is on our side.

Time is a good idea for markets to consolidate, grow some strength and move to new higher rates. So i’m not concerned if we take longer at this time, we just do not want to see swing, bottoms getting gotten because that’s typically where some stops are and that will then flip the marketplace from bearish to bullish. That’S what breaking swings implies is generally turning from one market sentiment to the next belief. Time is fine. We can remain at these levels and work our way higher to that 50 to 52 000 level.

The weekly charts also looking great when markets break through previous resistance and then find some assistance on top of them all the while volume staying relatively steady, or at least at best, i ought to state increasing in volume. We want to see some more volume come into this market this week.

The main thing we want to concentrate on is the weekly chart and, naturally, remaining above this level of 44 and a half thousand dollars, since it’s broken out and now is attempting to consolidate to take on 52 000 So for bitcoin we’ve been increasing for one to 3 weeks, and this is our fourth week or the effort at the 4th week to get higher than the previous week, we’re about 9 to ten percent away from the next target. Carrying on to all of the cryptocurrencies, we looked at this the last few days and the marketplace is comparable, except the total cryptocurrencies have not easily broken through their january highs, unlike bitcoin, is broken through its january highs right here and is holding above them. So the total market caps are attempting to do that themselves. The next level is that 2.25 trillion, which still sits at about two percent away – i’m sorry 6 percent from that point and after that, of course, we take on the next level, which is up at around two and a half trillion dollars.

The excellent news for this is that we’ve broken the drop we’ve broken both of them actually, so you can see the blue line here, that’s from the all-time high to the peak in february, and then the next one is to the peak in december. This is the total market cap, excluding bitcoin and ethereum’s market cap.

I utilize these as a method to see how much risk or sorry how much benefit is left in cryptocurrencies compared to the potential threat compared to the disadvantage. Greater highs high lows on the weekly chart to let us understand where we might see some resistance or the markets generally get a pullback of correction possibly for a great sign into a higher low prior to they begin to to move away again.

That was the 2021 bull run, so we got all these numbers from the previous drops and corrections through the eighth btc chart over its history. Possibly we had another week or 2 after this point in time, but at the minute we’re getting a little bit of a pullback.

Recently’s volume wasn’t as high but we’re still in an uptrend, so we have to keep going with uptrend the everyday charts, starting to reveal some resistance at half. Now it’s not over yet you can see. We have our swings. Our swings are still up. If we get a pull back and a nice push through delighted days but yeah, the last 2 days have shown a little bit of resistance at this 50 level.

So i’m just waiting to see how this market reacts to the 50. A shallow pullback and a push through on volume would be the very best bullish sign for eth versus bitcoin and ideally for a bit longer in the altcoin season, also. Ethiosd still looking stronger than bitcoin, we can see, we’ve got some closes above the downtrend 50 percent. So that’s 3500. We have actually got a few days closed at the moment.

Nothing that is super strong, since you can see it’s simply holding out slightly above it just a couple of bucks above these levels and this level’s been put in considering that january. You can see the low the high came in in november, so we’ve had this on the chart for a number of months now therefore for bitcoin you can see. The 50 level is still at 51k, so bitcoin is still a little short to the 5th to its half, whereas eth is making a strong attempt to get above that level and return into the rate zone that it was in 2021. So all this is great and well, however what does it indicate and how can we utilize it well, at this phase, bitcoin is still holding up, so in that case i would still expect a few of the alts to keep pushing up. It also reveals on these charts on the overall market caps that there’s still some space for alt coins to keep moving.

That’S just the overall market caps in general, so all queens may still have a little bit of space to move now. Eth on the btc chart, like we’ve seen before there has actually been multiple weeks up prior to 8th btc gets a correction and, of course that’s also lining up with the total market caps and, of course, there’s some more room for bitcoin to move and bitcoin is still holding.

This still appears like there’s a little bit more time left for some old coins to pop off speaking of all coins. I did a survey on my twitter account yesterday discover a link in the description and the old coin. That won was phantom. Everyone’S very thrilled about ftm at the moment, therefore i’m simply taking a look at this and where can the next resistance levels are available in at the moment the next resistance at 1.74, so the market’s had a fairly great move up, however nothing very strong compared to other cryptos.

That we’ve seen clearly luna’s relocated to new all-time highs. You also have solana breaking back above its 50 level, which is a little stronger than what we’re seeing with phantom at the moment, but nonetheless, there’s excellent fundamentals. Great news happening with phantom the markets responded to that, but if i take a larger image, look so depends on whether you want to purchase this thing macro so longer term, weeks to months holding out. I understand a lot of individuals rather hold old coins for months, due to the fact that i don’t want to get capital gains tax. That’S going to boil down to your perspective on whether this is a good time to be buying or not short-term trades.

Sure there’s been some terrific short-term trades over the last 3 weeks. Clearly the marketplaces have actually been up 50 100, depending upon which cryptos you remain in, however that’s something that needs to be assessed on a specific basis depending on your own investment plan. So for ftm we can see another 50 level up at 174 and after that again at 220. So it’s not like. I couldn’t see this thing break back above and begin to check some greater prices, because well the rest of the market is likewise moving.

That ftm has moved three weeks up, however this this current week hasn’t broken back above last week’s high and march was also lower than february sluggish and january’s low. Possibly we might see a few more gains in ftm, not flooding it whatsoever.

However if you’re, simply looking technically on the chart, the lows have actually been coming in lower while things like Bitcoin has been putting in greater lows. You can see january here, you can see february and after that you can see the march lows can be found in they’ve all been higher. That technically puts it in a stronger position than something like phantom.

That’S ftm, like i said no fud, just taking a look at short-term versus longer term, and it does not take into consideration the principles of the task longer term. Simply looking at the strength and weakness in different time frames, depending upon how you would like to invest, so that’s what i’m seeing today, i think we still have some more upside, i’m quite excited to see this bitcoin get to 51 000 to evaluate that significant resistance Level to see what the purchasers and the sellers are going to do at that point, total ethereum is appearing like one of the more powerful much safer bets as a blue chip cryptocurrency and for the remainder of the old coin space. The charts are still telling us.

We can see overall, the market has been relatively neutral, however i’m beginning to see more influences, especially on twitter.

Ideally, by the time i put this video up, which is, you know, be rather soon, ideally, by that stage the market just starts to press out for the bulls that is overall, there’s a lot of support and resistance for both sides of the market. I’m not worried if we take longer at this time, we just do not desire to see swing, bottoms getting taken out since that’s normally where some stops are and that will then flip the market from bearish to bullish. Higher highs high lows on the weekly chart to let us know where we might see some resistance or the markets generally get a pullback of correction potentially for a great indication into a higher low before they start to to move away once again. Eth on the btc chart, like we’ve seen before there has actually been numerous weeks up before 8th btc gets a correction and, of course that’s also lining up with the overall market caps and, of course, there’s some more space for bitcoin to move and bitcoin is still holding.

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